Orders for school uniform are sent in to Term Time Wear at the end of each half term, so please have your orders into school by the Wednesday before we break up.

All orders are delivered back to school during the first week of the new half term.

Order forms are available from the School Office or alternatively uniform can be ordered direct using the website below:

www.termtimewear.com or you can also get basic uniform at most supermarkets, high streets or if you prefer it with a school logo:


Book bags and sun hats can be purchased directly from the office.

Uniform Overview

Our school uniform colour is a combination of red and white with grey/ black. Please note that you do NOT need to have jumpers with logos on as long as they are in the school colours.

For girls:

  • Grey skirt/ pinafore dress/ shorts/ trousers or red and white checked or striped summer dress
  • White/ grey polo shirt or blouse
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan, without a hood, either plain or with the Wilsden logo
  • Plain white short or knee length socks (not over the knee) or red, black or grey tights
  • Plain black shoes or boots without a wedge or high heel

Please note skirts should be an appropriate length and a style which allows girls to sit comfortably on the floor. When girls wear shorts, even when these are worn over tights, they should also be of an appropriate length. Three quarter, calf length, leggings should not be worn.

For boys:

  • Grey shorts or trousers (not jogging bottoms)
  • White/ grey shirt or polo shirt
  • Red sweatshirt, without a hood, either plain or with the Wilsden logo
  • Plain black shoes or boots

PE Kit

Children need a change of clothes and footwear for PE (for health and hygiene reasons) and a drawstring bag in which to keep the kit at school. PE kit and bags may be bought from the school office. All school uniform and PE kit MUST be named.

Girls and boys wear:

  • Black shorts
  • Plain white t-shirt or polo shirt
  • A pair of pumps
  • In addition, for Years 1 to 6, plain navy jogging bottoms and navy sweatshirt* for outdoor lessons in cold weather • A pair of outdoor trainers

Jewellery and fashion accessories

For health and safety reasons, we do not allow children to wear jewellery. The exception to this rule are earring studs in pierced ears, a watch or small objects of religious significance. Children are required to remove items during PE lesson to prevent them from causing injury. Please note: Teachers are not permitted to remove earrings.

Hair bands, ribbons/ bows or ‘scrunchies’ should be plain in and either blue or black or in line with the school colours. Hair bands should not have large attachments, for example flowers, bows etc. Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn in school unless for an out of school hours function, for example a school disco. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. The use of styling products should be kept to a minimum and children should not have decorative patterns cut into their hair or have their hair coloured or dyed.

School Bags

Following a fire regulation review in school, conducted by the local authority, please can you ensure that back packs/ ruck sacks are no longer brought to school. Please can children bring their books in a book bag.


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