Parent Frequently Asked Questions


Could we have more notice for Star of the Week?

We understand the need for more notice about things for working parents. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to give more notice for Star of the Week as this is awarded for the current week. We are happy to pass messages on, or take photos, if you contact us at the time.


I’ve raised a couple of concerns about the behaviour of another child towards my own and it would have been nice to hear that it had been addressed with the child’s parents. Please can we have feedback on how you’ve dealt with the other child?

We understand why you would want this. However, this is something that we would never be able to supply. We can’t give details of other children’s punishments, or consequences, to a third party. It is against Data Protection and it also isn’t right. We always follow everything up and make sure that all children are safe, and happy. We also follow up things where necessary.


We bring our children from a long distance, do you have any provision for parents coming in cars?

We are a village school on a small road. We have very limited space for children to play, as it is, and unfortunately can’t make any more. We are in constant talks with the council and police to support the safety of Tweedy Street. We have spoken to local businesses to arrange an agreement for parking but have not been able to make any progress on this.


Dress code says that boys can wear grey t-shirts but girls can’t. Is this discrimination necessary?

There is no discrimination. Girls can wear grey t-shirts. If you’ve seen some out of date material somewhere, please let us know and we will correct immediately.


School start time is late compared to other schools; this makes it difficult for me to get to work for a reasonable time.

Cullingworth, Sandly Lane and Cottingley all start at 8:55. We start at 8:55 but our doors open from 8:45. We run a breakfast club from 8am. We work with a range of child minders who do the morning drop off, and we would be happy to share names of them if that would be beneficial.


Can we go back to wearing PE kit on PE day rather than wearing school uniform?

We are sorry but to due to health considerations we will continue to ask children to come into school wearing their school uniform and changing for PE. There may be some occasions where children can do this e.g. if we hold a sports event which takes place over a full day, but we will let you know about any days like this at the time