Parent Forum

The Parent Forum is a group of parents who meet with Mr Chadwick, and other school staff, at least half-termly. The Parent Forum deliver the parent message on various aspects of school life.

So far, the parent forum have:

  • Discussed communication this led to us; developing the newsletter, changing our systems for communicating with parents with a clear Communication Protocol followed by staff, letters will be emailed out and we are researching a school ‘App’
  • Discussed pupil report formats – more news on this will follow
  • Discussed the Challenge Time – Red, Amber, Green – this led to some changes, particularly in attendance
  • Discussed the implementation of the SRE curriculum

We do not take detailed minutes of the meetings however we do take notes and these can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Parent Forum members are happy to discuss anything with you and bring it to the Parent Forum to be discussed by a wider group. If you have anything that you would like to be discussed by the Parent Forum, please complete the form below, speak to Mr Chadwick or a member of the Forum.






Outdoor Learning presentation

28th March 2018, minutes

29th October 2018 Minutes

5th February 2019 - minutes

8th April 2019 - invite and agenda

9th September 2019 - minutes

7th November 2019 - minutes