Our Curriculum at Wilsden Primary

Please click here to read our Curriculum Statement:

The steps we took to develop our curriculum:

We started with two Focus Publications: The Key Assessment Criteria and How to Assess a Knowledge Rich Curriculum Between them they break each subject up to their component parts and then by year group. The Key Assessment Criteria breaks English and Maths in to term by term objectives and form our Long Term Plan

The Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher walk around school and ask each year group what they want to learn about – this forms the context. We were originally concerned that children didn’t know what they didn’t know, but some of the topic ideas have been:

Radiation – Year 3

How the brain works – Reception

How things are made – Year 1

World Cup History – Year 6

We have a gender gap in school and hope that children giving pupil voice to topics will help reduce the gender gap, particularly in the boy heavy year groups.

We also add a couple of extras to match school priorities. E.g. this year each year group has had an environmental topic and a topic about our locality.

Each year group is given their year group pages from the two documents and also their topic title

Teachers highlight the objectives in their year group publications to match their topic titles. These documents are scanned into our website and become the Long Term Plans (overviews).

Like all schools, timetables are so full with everything we’ve got to do, so we push for a topic based curriculum. We want our curriculum to cover the knowledge and facts of the curriculum, but we want it to be engaging and amazing for pupils

Teachers then mind map their curriculum with ideas around the topic, and copy and paste the objectives that are going to be covered onto the MTP sheet

The MTP sheet then becomes the STP sheets as people add to it. We ask for minimum detail on this – teachers early in their career etc. may be asked for more detailed planning but otherwise this is all we need. Examples can be found on our website, of the MTP.

We aim to develop our curriculum into one where children are taught to take risks, enjoy school and build relationships – our inspiration came from here https://www.ted.com/talks/rita_pierson_every_kid_needs_a_champion


British Values

The school very much delivers a curriculum that supports the British Values agenda. Tolerance and respect are at the heart of our school community. Along with Democracy and Liberty, these themes are particularly explored through our PSHCE Curriculum, our assemblies and Junior Leadership Team. Please see our British Values Statement for more information.