English Overview

At Wilsden we believe English teaches us how to communicate and understand the world around us; it gives the children confidence and a way to express their emotions, opinions and ambitions. It should always start with experience; engaging the children and motivating them to learn using a “learning hook”. Speaking and listening should follow with the acquisition of new vocabulary and the modelling of correctly spoken English. We should develop in all children, a love of reading and the opportunity to read quality texts and picture books to broaden their understanding of the world and feed their imagination. The children should be given opportunities to write in different contexts and across different genres: shopping lists in emergent handwriting in Reception to diary entries and PowerPoint presentations in Year 6


–          A key text is chosen that links to the topic.

–          Children are initially immersed in the text with opportunities for whole class reading, talk for writing, role play and drama.

–          Children will be taught to confidently talk about the plot, setting, characters and sequence of events within the story.

–          Children will then begin using retrieval and inference skills to understand and interpret the key text.

–          Other texts will also be introduced alongside the key text to support the topic.


–          The teaching of grammar starts with collecting key vocabulary from the text and adding to the working walls. Children will be taught the definition of the vocabulary and examples of where it can be used in speaking and writing.

–          The teaching of grammar will be incorporated within the English lessons and will teach/consolidate the skills the children need in order to complete the writing outcome.

–          Grammar teaching will be useful and purposeful, with opportunities for the children to see it used in the key text or supporting texts.

–          WAGOLLS (What a Good One Looks Like) will be used to demonstrate the effective use of the grammar being taught. These will be displayed on the English working wall or the grammar working wall.



–          Teachers will plan clear writing outcomes for the end of each half term with opportunities for shorter pieces of writing in a selection of forms (newspaper articles, letters etc.) throughout the half term.

–          The writing will reflect the grammar focus and showcase the skills the children have learnt within the sequence of teaching.

–          All children should be writing in cursive handwriting.

–          In Year 3 children can start to earn their Pen Licence.


Spelling Strategies - Year 4 letter