Head Boy and Head Girl

This year, the pupils at Wilsden have decided they would like to appoint a Head Boy and Head Girl. Every child in year 5 will have the opportunity to put themselves forward for the role. At Wilsden, we believe everyone should have a voice and a democratic right, therefore we will hold a voting day on Thursday 24th May.

We hope that the privilege of being chosen for the role of Head Boy and Head Girl will help to drive their ambitions and make them leaders of the future.

During Challenge Time pupils discussed the role and decided they would like their Head Boy and Head Girl to possess the following qualities:

  • Responsible
  • Co-operative
  • Kind
  • Understanding
  • Confident

During their time in office they will be called upon to be ambassadors for the school as well as being involved in a wide range of other important and enjoyable duties which will include:

  • Responsible for promoting our school at every opportunity.
  • Representing the school when required.
  • Working with staff to facilitate running of events.
  • Acting as a positive role model.
  • Ensuring communication is happening between staff and children.
  • Showing visitors around the school.
  • Meet regularly with the Junior Leadership Team.

If you are a year 5 pupil and would like to apply for the role, please prepare a short presentation (no more than 5 minutes). Your presentation needs to explain how you meet the qualities listed above and why you think you are the perfect candidate to represent the school.

We will ask you to present your speech to the Junior Leadership Team on Thursday 17th May. The Junior Leadership Team will then shortlist three boys and three girls. These children will then present their speech for a second time in a special whole school assembly on Tuesday 22nd May. Every child in school will then be able to cast their vote on Thursday 24th May.

The winning candidates will be announced on Friday 25th May.

To all those children who would like to apply, we look forward to hearing your speeches and wish you good luck!


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Finalist speeches are now below


Finalist speech - Bailey

Finalist speech - Casey

Finalist speech - Emma

Finalist speech - Josh

Finalist speech - Rohaan

Finalist speech - Scarlett