Our Curriculum at Wilsden Primary

Curriculum Statement


We provide all of our children with an engaging, purposeful curriculum that inspires, motivates, challenges and excites our pupils.  We believe that providing our pupils with key experiences will enhance their learning and personal development to help them become successful, confident learners.

The content of our whole school curriculum, set out in year group order, can be found under the curriculum overview section of our website. This will give you further information regarding the coverage of subjects and key skills.


Our Curriculum

At Wilsden Primary School, each class studies three major topics over the course of the year, so one per term. Before each new topic, the children are asked what they already know and what they would like to find out. As part of our drive to “pupil voice” and to encourage the children to lead their own learning, the children are encouraged to pose questions. The teacher will then group the children’s questions according to content and/or subject and head each group with a ‘key question’. Some key questions will have a particular subject focus e.g. science, history, geography therefore promoting a greater depth of study, while others may promote a cross-curricular approach, allowing children to form links between subjects and embed new skills.

Our reading, grammar, writing and maths skills are also integrated and developed throughout each topic. In English, a key text is carefully chosen to drive the topic and immerse the children.  Other themed texts are also used during guided reading and topic to develop and deepen subject knowledge.

Everything the children learn is driven by the end outcome – a purpose. This purpose may be a presentation to parents, an exhibition or a planned event whereby parents and members of the community are invited.


Our Learning Journals

Our children are immensely proud of their learning journals. Together with our current learning on the classroom working walls, the work in our children’s learning journals is grouped under the ‘key questions’ with clear outcomes at the beginning of each section. Working walls and learning journals enable children to look back and draw on the learning they have already done. We always have a strong focus on the quality of presentation in books.


Key Skills and Foundation Subjects.

Each year group teaches to a selection of Key Skills. These Key Skills can be found on our website. All National Curriculum subjects are taught in an exciting and engaging way, extending pupils’ experiences where possible to the wider world around them. This is supported through:

  • Inviting visitors into school
  • Exciting fun days where parents are invited to attend as well
  • Visits to the local Church and Community
  • Extra-curricular days, e.g. Remembrance Day
  • Visits further afield
  • Residentials
  • After school clubs
  • Assemblies

Our curriculum is adapted to be relevant to our pupils, reflect our community, promote a love of learning and prepare our children for life after Primary School.


British Values

The school very much delivers a curriculum that supports the British Values agenda. Tolerance and respect are at the heart of our school community. Along with Democracy and Liberty, these themes are particularly explored through our PSHCE Curriculum, our assemblies and Junior Leadership Team. Please see our British Values Statement for more information.


PSHCE curriculum

A large focus is currently on our PSHCE curriculum. The curriculum has been relaunched and includes our ‘Challenge Friday’. Challenge Friday is an hour long session for each key stage which includes a celebration assembly moves into our Challenge Groups. Challenge Groups are mixed age, ability and mixed pupil characteristics. In these sessions we discuss issues impacting on children, such as anti-bullying, dealing with conflict, current affairs. We also celebrate and reward pupils against four categories: Behaviour, Effort, Attendance and Uniform.