All home learning can be found by clicking here. The link should take you to a Google Folder called “Coronavirus Lockdown Work”.

In here you will find a folder per year group, that is then subdivided into weeks. You will also find a “General” folder. This has things in such as ideas that are good for everyone, mindfulness work, well-being resources and other resoures that we’ve found that haven’t been given as year group work.

If your child is in Year 6, but struggles with the Year 6 work, dip into the Year 5 folder and so on. We’ve asked staff to create them as PDFs so they should work on a range of devices.

The folders will be updated as and when staff can. It won’t always be a consistent time like the email was.

Home learning is going to be challenging. In class we ensure that all work is accurately matched to every child’s abilities. This is impossible for staff at the moment. We will do what we can and we want to help. If you think there is more that we can do, or you just want some advice, please email wilsden.support@focus-trust.co.uk We won’t be able to set individual work for each individual child, but we will do what we can.

We can’t let parents come to school so it is not possible for us to print things and give to you. The resources will look as they look. We have to tried to create things that you do not need to print. Use them on the screen and write down the answers.

The most important note is: do what you can. It is likely you are trying to work from home and look after yourselves and your families. Don’t try to force children to work and create additional stress and anxiety for yourselves or your children. We won’t be going through everything in tiny details and checking up on you. When we open school again, we will assess children and pick up at the correct place and push children as fast as we can to where they need to be.


Andrew Chadwick


If you need the link to copy and paste: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N5ngP1O4gFzg-jVWqFxInG5VU26Ktil4