Contact Us

If you have a query you can send a message via the website which will go straight to the office email. If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff please see the list of contacts below so you can ask the receptionist to forward your call onto the correct person:

  • Mr Davison – Headteacher – Attendance / Leave of absence enquiries
  • Mr Chadwick – Deputy Headteacher / Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) – SEN enquires
  • Miss Shoesmith – Assistant Headteacher – Early Years
  • Mrs Robinson – Administrator – Educational Trips and Medical enquires
  • Mrs Taylor – Business Manager
  • School Kitchen – inc queries regarding dinner money payments – Please call 01535 271287
  • Wilsden Pals – Ms Ashton – 07547330159 (Between 3.30-6pm and school holidays), alternatively call the school office

The Chair of Governors is Jane Wilkins. She can be contacted through school at the school address (above), or through contact with the school office.



Mr John Davison,

Wilsden Primary School,

Tweedy Street,



BD15 0AE