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Christmas at Wilsden

25th November 2019

Dear parents / carers

Sorry for the additional email, but we wanted to say something important. It starts with this video, if you can please spare a few moments to view it:

Please copy and paste the link into your browser if it doesn’t play by clicking.

Each year, staff are very grateful when they receive presents from children. However, following watching the video above, we wanted to suggest an alternative. This is an idea that has been discussed, had input from and agreed by all members of staff in school.

This year, if you are considering a present for a member of staff, please buy a present for a child instead. We will take them all down to St Luke’s for use in the Bradford District Care Trust, to help make a hospital stay for a child more pleasant.

Obviously, in school we teach the religious aspects of Christmas in RE lessons and assemblies. We also believe that this is also an incredibly important aspect of Christmas and hopefully one that you can get behind whether you support Christmas or not. This is hopefully something that you can talk about at home, as we will at school.

Bradford Hospitals’ Charity have a list of guidelines:


If you would rather buy and donate directly, to save the stresses of buying something, you can find their Amazon Wish List here:

Staff in school, and children who are in need, would be extremely grateful for anything that is donated.

If your child desperately wants to give a member of staff something, a homemade card always brings a smile.

Thank you,


All the staff of Wilsden Primary School