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Behaviour and Challenge Time

7th September 2019

Following feedback from parents – in surveys – and also by all staff during our INSET day, we are making a few changes to our behaviour policy and our Challenge Time systems. We are asking for feedback through the parent forum, which you can do in person at the meeting, on the form below or on the Facebook page. Please note that while we really want feedback (positive and suggestions) and will read all messages, you will appreciate that we can use everyone’s ideas.

Challenge Time will no longer be made up out of the four areas – behaviour, effort, uniform and attendance. It will focus on behaviour/effort (the behaviour policy incorporates effort). Uniform will still be enforced and checked as it currently is, but it is just expected rather than something that children will be rewarded for. Attendance will have separate rewards that will be devised by the attendance lead – Mr Davison – and shared in the future.

The new behaviour system can be seen below (sorry if it’s small, click the download button then you should be able to enlarge) which explains how things will work.

The Star of the Week assembly will be done as a whole school at 9:05 on Friday morning (hopefully this will be easier for parents) and Challenge Time for children will continue on Friday afternoon, followed by twenty minutes of “Reward Time”. Some children will miss part of this – see flowchart. Parents will be contacted by class teachers at various points in the flowchart.

Children will also be entered into a half-termly raffle for each half-term that they haven’t received a ‘purple’ in the flowchart. This gives short term rewards and also longer term rewards, linking Challenge Time with the behaviour policy more clearly. If a child has not had a ‘purple’ for their behaviour that half-term they will receive a badge / sticker and will be entered into a raffle. Ten children will be drawn from the raffle at the end of each half-term. There will be a larger raffle at the end of the year and each child will have one raffle ticket, for each half-term that they have been not purple, i.e. if a child has never moved to purple, they will have six raffle tickets for the final ‘big’ draw. All children will receive badges / stickers each half term they haven’t had purple.

The behaviour policy has been devised to give every child a chance, but has been written so it can also go ‘up’ to reward children further. The idea is that it encourages good behaviour, encourages restorative practice so children can reset and repair without losing everything straight away and having no point in trying to behave and rewards those children who always behave and work hard.

The new system will be implemented soon so we are requesting all feedback to be with us by Tuesday 10th September.


** Thank you for all feedback. This is now closed. **