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Challenge Time – All Green for Ice Cream

24th June 2019

During our Senior Leadership Team meeting we began to review this system. We know that it causes some strong feelings, and we understand why this is.

We take the points that have been brought to our attention with regards to attendance, and we addressed it this year. However, we appreciate that there are also the issues around Behaviour, Effort and Uniform.

In terms of this year, we concluded that every child deserves an ice cream (or ice lolly). It’s been a great year and all children have made progress, worked hard or come along in their own way. Therefore, on the 22nd July all children will be given an ice cream.

In principle, we concluded, we like the challenge system as it rewards children. We believe children who have been “Good” every day, or who have really high attendance deserve a reward. This isn’t to punish others, but to reward. However, we know we need to reshape this more clearly.

Please, help us to shape this for next year. Your feedback can be left by filling in this form (you will not be given individual feedback, but we will take all feedback to shape things for September):