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Year 2’s campaign against Palm Oil use

28th February 2019

Dear Catering Company,

We have noticed that you have been using palm oil in our ice-cream. We think you should stop using palm oil and start using sustainable palm oil or no palm oil at all. Did you know that palm oil is hurting the environment? The workers are chopping trees down for the palm oil and it is affecting the wildlife. Orangutans need the trees so they can get food, shelter and leaves to make medicine. Did you know that these intelligent orangutans use Dracaena leaves for medicine when their muscles get sore? If we keep chopping down trees then more orangutans will die. Did you know 25 orangutans die every day? Every 3 seconds the size of a football pitch gets chopped down in the rainforest.

Palm oil is found in products like shampoo, chocolate, bread, ice-cream, lipstick and diesel. Some of the children in our class have found products like bread that use sustainable palm oil. Sustainable palm oil means the trees are planted and they do not hurt the environment. Did you know that Asda, Sainsburys and Aldi are starting to use sustainable palm oil?

We raised £250 last week to adopt an orangutan and help them to not be extinct. We think that you could help too by using sustainable palm oil in the ice-cream that you give to schools.

We hope you agree with us and if you want to come and visit our school we will show you all of the work we have been doing about palm oil and orangutans.


Year 2 at Wilsden Primary School


** —————————————————— REPLY ———————————————————**

Good morning,

I have received some information from Damien, our development chef regarding the palm oil query raised by your students.

Our supplier of frozen desserts (through Brakes) is from a company called Cool Delights, and this issue was raised with Neil Morris, the Director of the company in 2014. All of the palm oil suppliers used are members of RSPO – The Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil. As such, all the oil is ethically farmed and from sustainable sources. I have attached some documents just to demonstrate that we are very careful to ensure we are only using palm oil from sustainable sources. This includes RSPO certification, and sustainability statements from both the UK and Belgium Palm Oil suppliers.

I hope this helps to settle the issue around the usage of palm oil, and please feel free to share this information with your students in the first instance.

If you would like for us to meet with the students at some point to discuss this in further detail, we would be more than happy to do this.


James Wightman

Business Relationship Manager

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Department of Corporate Resources