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Message from Miss Shoesmith

16th November 2018

Yesterday each class received a special parcel containing a new book for them to read in class! The ‘Books of the Month’ for November are:


Reception: ‘Snowball’ by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet. ‘Happy Hatchday’ by Rob Biddulph.

Year 1: ‘There is no dragon in this story’ by Lou Carter. ‘The boy and the Bear’ by Tracey Corderoy

Year 2: ‘Grandma Bird’ by Benji Davies. ‘The Great Telephone Mix-Up’ by Sally Nicholls.

Year 3: ‘The White Fox’ by Jackie Morris. ‘The dog that saved Christmas’ by Nicola Davis.

Year 4: ‘There’s a yeti in the playground!’ by Pamela Butchart. ‘My Mum’s Growing Down’ by Laura Dockrill

Year 5: ‘The Pudding Problem’ by Joe Berger. ‘Explorers on Witch Mountain’ by Alex Bell.

Year 6: ‘Snowglobe’ by Amy Wilson. ‘The Clockwork Crow’ by Catherine Fisher.


I wonder what we will receive in December? Happy Reading!