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25th July 2018

Our Facebook page was set up to help communication and to celebrate the positives that go on in school. It’s been a great success and something that we’ve loved being part of with you, sharing your child’s achievements, gaining feedback (both positive and things you’d like us to improve with) and answering any questions you have – at pretty much anytime.

Most of you know that our school Facebook page is run by one person. They give a lot of their own time – very little in work hours – to the Facebook page.

Yesterday we had many strong emotions about the ‘All Green’ reward. We had comments both ways. People who didn’t like it and people who fully supported it. There were lots of helpful comments left on our Facebook page where people shared their views. We really did appreciate that. We repeatedly said that we would be using the feedback to review the system in September. We deliberately aren’t doing it today as we want to discuss it fully with staff.

Unfortunately, later on in the night, the comments became increasingly personal and did not constructively add to the feedback. We cannot allow one member of staff to face that in their own time, when they have their own family and other work to address. Particularly when they were explaining that the system would be reviewed in September, and that we weren’t ignoring any comments.

We have taken the extremely disappointing decision to take our Facebook page down / disable all comments if it will allow us, later on today. We now need to reassess how we use Facebook to communicate with parents.

We are also aware that there is an additional, non-school, Facebook group. We would strongly remind parents to be careful at what is posted on that page, mainly because school do not see the comments so the feedback won’t help us to improve.

We will have a revised system / guidance ready for September. We would just like to take time for a special thank you for all the people who helped make the Facebook page a great place to be this year.


John Davison