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CONSULTATION – Mixing classes

29th March 2018

Many schools mix classes up each September. This is something that we are thinking about doing as a school. We spoke to Parent Forum on Wednesday 28th March, who were largely in favour of the idea. We agreed to take this idea to a full school consultation.

Why would we mix?

  • Over the years many classes become weighted in certain directions, e.g. genders, Special Needs, gifted and talented etc. This is because of mobility or because of pupils’ needs changing over the course of the years
  • Some pupils change friendship groups or need to to help them progress
  • Children need to, certainly by Year 6, be used to swapping group and teachers so they are prepared for the changes that secondary school will bring


How would we do it?

  • We would give each child a slip of paper to write down three children’s names. We can’t guarantee that they would be with all three, but certainly they will be with some of them – this slip would be sent home / done electronically so that parents can have an input into their child’s views (there maybe a separate slip for children and parents)
  • Teacher view
  • Pupil characteristics – e.g. if two children really struggle with the same things, they might be placed in the same class so they can have real targeted support

Do other school do this?

Yes. And whilst there is no hard evidence of positive impact there are lots of opinions that this really makes a positive difference in schools


How will it work?

The idea is (just to stress that nothing is set in stone, part of the consultation is to get views so things can be changed) that each July children would be “mixed”. This would create two new classes, a mixture of the two current classes. To support this change we would have a transition week where children would work in their new classes with their new teachers, in July. The new classes would then start from September. Play times and lunchtimes would remain the same so children would be able to choose who they play with. We would not swap whole classes around at any other time in the year, only for September.


To share your opinion with us, please complete the online form by clicking here.


Closing date: Midday on 20th April